The Trend.

I watched the waves.
They crashed into the rocks.
A done-to-death metaphor.

I saw the foam stick.
I saw the spray hit the air.
While you slept.
The trend of all lovers.
Once the passion is dead.

The sea will recede.
The rocks at least have faith.
The sea will return.

I walk back home.
To my side of the bed.
Sleepless and faithless.


I can't breathe.
I try hard,
But I fail.
I follow
All the rules;
I still lose.
I am free;
But in life.
In all love,
I am caught.
Wrestling hard,
Against pain
And sorrow.
People see
Just the smile
And the love;
But the tears
The tears, tears,
Are all lost,
In silence.
No one sees
(Or chooses
To see) them.
I shudder
To wonder:
If all life
Is this way…
Or maybe,
Some morning
Will bring peace
With the love,
And all life
Will quiet.
But I think
That then is

Until I Die

I have loved. I thought love was forever;
But all vows have a lease on the heart.
It seems it’s love that life does sever
After all, it’s until death do you part.

I have no compunctions anymore –
There are conditions to love life makes.
The mark of years must always implore,
Yet deepen the pain of all heart breaks.

I thought I was careful, sure and wise;
But there are factors I’ve failed to view:
Fathers and mothers, husbands and wives,
Each comes with his or her karmic due.

So, it’s just when I turn to tell you
Of how I ache and why I sigh,
You say, sure, you will always be true,
Up until the very day I die.


When I see the dogs in Yulin,
Boiled alive, or skinned alive, or beaten to death,
The horror of it brings my lost children to mind.
There are no words to convey
On how I miss their eyes and presence.
Animals by far are the most giving
Of their time and their love.
I ask people who profess love
To show intimacy;
But their time demands more passion
And all my children needed was my time.
Their time alive was encompassed intimacy
And so dreadfully short.
I wonder why cruelty
Becomes a palate for cuisine?
Doesn’t grace justify a quick death?
Why must consciousness be alive,
When it is dunked into boiling water?
What feast can be derived from that?
I have protected dogs. I am a father.
I have nurtured dogs. I am a mother.
I have wept at their death.
I am a parent.
To say that each life is important,
That might is right is important,
That the circle of life is important,
Is true and the world exists.
But the lion doesn’t boil its prey,
The shark doesn’t skin its food.
The law has to abide.
We all must die.
But we pray for a quick death.
A silent death, as part of sleep,
Why then do we, as the sapient ones,
Deny that death in these feasts?
I cannot justify cruelty.
I will condemn torture.
I loved Bonzo, Diana, Rolfe and Zoe:
Lights in my life.
They burned so bright, I was happy blind;
But when one faced torture,
When their need overruled my own,
I bought an end to my blindness.
I was death. I was the dark.
And this is all that I ask for;
It is not in my power
To ask for any more:
Stop cruelty to those who cannot fight back,
Show mercy,
Be no greater than or lesser than
What you are:

Let the Tears Drop

I look for your hair stuck onto clothes I wore,
When you were still alive.
I find some on the mattress near the door
And my heart takes a dive
Into darkness of loss and sorrow,
And I realize you are gone,
There won’t be you in a tomorrow,
And I am caught and forlorn,
Pirouetting in life’s inanity
Of loving and losing and loving again.
Tomorrow is an endless sea,
Filled with murky waters of pain,
I’ll hold onto the shaft of memory,
Just to keep myself afloat.
It will sink eventually
I will get another boat.
Such is life, we move on;
But sometimes I stop;
Notice you are gone
And let the tears drop.


I never knew, I never knew,
The pain of being torn from my mother,
At the age of two.

I couldn’t say what I would feel,
If I had a home of hunger,
Made of still water and steel.

I cannot fathom to analyse,
The hour upon hour of work,
Amid raucous human cries.

You flip, wave, splash and turn,
While the audience roars,
While for decades you burn.

They take your penis and your sperm,
They scour your mind and your heart,
They leave you bitter and infirm.

I have seen the wild, the wild,
In cold seas, under violent skies,
In the innocence of a child.

My heart breaks; for I know,
Being what nature made me,
What should be just so.

Do you yearn for who knows where?
There is but little earth left to you,
The oceans themselves are despair.

If God exists, you are the sin,
You became legion,
You, with your collapsed dorsal fin.


I have taken you these fifteen years hence
To be whatever it is we have here:
A lover, spouse, friend, brother, recompense –
To have and hold so infinitely near.

I have taken you when poor and when rich,
Revelled in your health and embraced you sick,
I’ve ignored your eye, unravelled each glitch,
I have brought you love and I made it stick.

From that September, to this day forward,
I’ve taken your better, suffered your worse,
I’ve fought against despair; I’ve been your ward
And trekked through many a wish and a curse.

I persist to offer this ruined heart,
‘Til death doth, consenting, force it to part.