A Certain Sun

The morning gives me no solace:
It has come with heat and light
And I find myself asking
For the dark horns of the night.

Then I find love, soaked in desire,
Wrapped up in your arms and hair,
Smells of burgers and coffee,
Snarled sheets hiding all that’s bare.

The sun brings in the future,
The future has torn the heart,
Time sheds light on the knowledge,
That soon you and I must part.

Families, jobs, money wait;
The sun brings them all back in;
I fear what the world might say,
How you were lead in to sin.

The sun burns my exposed skin,
All hair shines like molten fire;
The sun just shows me the truth,
The stars just show me desire.

I could wait for the next moon:
Who knows just what I might get;
But memories of ones before
Depend on how soon you’ll forget.

The sun barges through the window.
I lean back and draw the curtain.
I note: it’s only his return
Of which I am fully certain.

Futile Promises – A Moon Song

It’s five in the morning
The moon hangs over a cloud:
Just as lonesome as I,
Wondering, if silence is just as loud
As a future goodbye.

I have no promises to fulfill;
You have none that you can keep;
The moon whispers none to me:
Gives me no certainty of sleep,
And of rest, no guarantee.

I shall see you again now;
But, after a while, you will disappear.
There will be just me and the moon
And it has always been clear:
A heartbreak is due very soon.

Promises are futile. They break.
Once there is a parting, it is done.
Love has no say in the sundering.
All will be left to dry out in the sun
As stark daylight comes plundering.

It will charge out, in a dust and a storm,
And words will be torn and taken,
To different lands and different skies,
And I shall once again awaken,
When the cruel sun tires out and dies.

Here I Am – A Moon Song

Here I am again.
Looking at the moon.
Somewhere in my heart
There beats a familiar tune.

She sings to the sky –
She shines through the night.
I have loved her before –
I have been loved by light.

The sun struggles to rise;
This love triangle I know;
The moon lies and lies and lies;
But the sun burns me so.

So I crave for the dark
And, when the sky is night,
I yearn for her crescent
That waxes so bright.

But I’ve heard her song,
It may cut like a knife,
The illusion of love
Is much cause for strife.

The moon shall wane,
She will break me with pain;
The sun will laugh and laugh
When he rises, unfailingly, again.

I used to wish upon a star;
But wishes are games;
When you wish upon stars,
Who remembers their names?

They are but suns,
That will someday die,
Or will just erupt
And shoot out of the sky.

I rely on the moon.
She dispels all noise.
She wanes and she waxes;
But never destroys.

I look to her for counsel,
She never gives it clear;
Since I turn to her often,
She holds me very dear.

So I sit quiet and stare,
I do not complain,
She knows me by now,
She soothes most of my pain.

She is my muse,
I depend on her face,
She trumps the sun,
For she taught me grace.

Not Yet

I shall perhaps forget
Your eyes, your hands, your touch;
I may not remember
These times so very much;

I shall perhaps forget
How you listen as I talk,
The way the your head bends
As we take our midnight walk;

I shall perhaps forget
The things you said at my lips,
Of how your breath lingered,
Or the press of your hips;

I shall perhaps forget
All the strange, hopeful dreams
I saw under the moon,
Born of its silver beams;

I shall perhaps forget
The way you made me laugh,
Of how your eyes twinkled
And broke sadness in half;

I shall perhaps forget
All that was said and done;
As time ticks its stern heart,
They’ll all fade one by one.

For I can’t bear what comes,
If I fail to forget.
There must be a letting go;
But it’s not time, not yet, not yet.

Torture of May

The mornings have never made sense:
The sun comes up and the world spins around,
The stars grow light, the light grows dense,
The moon turns her face, moving underground.

There’s no reason why I am here:
Perhaps it’s not so just to understand
I’m just an atom on this sphere,
Made from water and very little land.

Knowing why this sphere spins in space,
Dances around the sun and doesn’t ignite,
Isn’t required for the human race
And this question doesn’t manifest our fight.

The one who wakes when the sun dies,
Oughtn’t to ask such questions anyway.
There isn’t need to unmask sad lives –
Leave them to this balmy torture of May.

Don’t wait

Don’t wait for things to happen,
don’t wait for the leaves to fall,
don’t wait for roses to bloom,
don’t wait, no, don’t wait at all;

Don’t wait for the tides to turn,
don’t wait for the next full moon,
don’t wait to show you love me,
love me now – not later, not soon;

Don’t wait to remember and smile,
don’t wait, waiting is but a lie,
say you miss me this instant,
please, don’t wait for me to die.

Made that Way

You will surely leave. You will not stay.
It is your wont: you are made that way.
The sun will rise and that is for sure;
The moon finds same time to cast her lure.
The Stars will burn, blow up, fade and die –
It just is, come on, do not ask why.
The tides will turn, as sure as you do,
You cannot twirl them like you mean to.
We may appear to change, you and I;
But that is just it, we will just try.
We can learn it all, grow old and die;
But I’ll still feel and will not deny.
And you, in your own way, will say:
It’s not his fault, he was made that way.