Even you

You leave and you return,
You leave and you return,
And all the days pass by soon,
But, in the dark, you all leave
And silence plays its eerie tune.

They say, lovers leave and should,
If anyone knows, you would;
But there are some who return;
That happens rare and, mostly,
In loneliness, alone you shall burn.

You have seen the moon shining bright,
It oft becomes the sole centre of night,
All rave on her beauty and swoon;
But, on the darkest night, she leaves –
Even the moon leaves, even the moon.

So laugh, while you can, and fuck and eat
And, if you can, go ahead and repeat;
Because everyone leaves and this is true;
And in the darkest hours of deceit
Even you could leave, and yes, so will you.



I‘ve heard it can love, again and again,
And nothing can detract from its vigour,
No matter the crush of failure and pain,
Or of the stress of life or its rigour.

I have heard (now know) of its strength unmeasured,
As it makes heroes rise and empires fall;
It can single you out to be untreasured;
Yet ables you to stand against it all.

It teaches you just to feel and not learn,
It gives you your self, yet takes you away,
It makes you happy and it makes you yearn,
It stays with you when it leads you astray.

Even when word and thought are unspoken
It hums its song even when it lies broken.


I couldn’t save myself,
I couldn’t even try,
When all suns turned dark
All the waters ran dry.

There were no bird songs,
Or angels on clouds;
Just a press of fury,
In sexual crowds.

I tried hard to dance
To help with the pain,
Of not fitting in,
Of braving the disdain.

I tried many things;
Each different from the past;
I tried saving each,
I tried to make them last.

But, you see, I am jaded,
And I know Hope as a liar,
I know the lampoons of Fate,
I know Ambition’s mire.

I can’t weep anymore:
Age has taken all my tears;
But I wish it had left me one
And taken instead my fears.

I know people are cruel,
For I am people, too,
And Gadgets have not helped,
After Nature laughed and withdrew.

I can’t save myself now,
It is too late to try
And why even bother, I ask,
When it all has to die?