In the Arms of Night

Once again I find myself
Alone, in the arms of Night;
Where else could I be,
As the mighty Sun gears up to fight?

He governs the world
And every Law of the Land:
Hope must bend to Him
And Love must understand.

The Moon is the quiet Wife,
The stars are each a far-off Son;
Against the Sire who else can shine?
Before His Light each is made to fade or run.

The Sun burns.
He compels me to bend.
The moon soothes,
Even if She cannot defend.

Light cancels Dark –
Law and Order shine best;
But I am the Dark,
I am that Time of Rest.

Nature loves both equal:
Be it Moth or Butterfly,
It is free to choose Night or Day,
As your Time to Live or Die.

So I have walked in Dark,
I have not feared the Night,
I have loved the quiet Moon
And I have chosen not to fight.



I am the one who’s supposed to love thee –
And age has been mercilessly cruel –
Its rampage has destroyed both love and hope,
Like careful fire thrown on some spilt fuel.
I was raised looking up at and to you,
In life’s battles you gained an awesome height.
I took your word as the ultimate law,
And I was never one to choose to fight.

Time, unfailingly, is the best teacher,
It raises the weak and topples the high,
It marks the practice against the preacher,
It stand right up and demands to know why.
Blind was supposed to be all love for thee,
Now how do I do, for now I can see.

Little things.

It starts slow. 

Little things you forget to do. 

Little words you forget to say. 

Some thoughts die, some memories too 

Just little things. 

It’s a human condition. 

Let’s just attribute it to genes. 

It’s like waking up to life 

And forgetting all of sleep’s dreams. 

It’s a recurrence of the new,

It’s a letting go of the past;

It’s another one of life’s lessons:

All good things seldom last. 

Little things come in that are new:

A word of love, a laugh that rhymes,

A road that hasn’t been taken,

A blurring of drawn out lines. 

People talk of love and faith and hope;

But time corrodes even diamond rings;

And they lie forgotten in the universe,

Swept off in dust as little things,

Just little things.