You cant be torn between two worlds,
One step in the door, and the heart;
You cant be ether, here and there,
That’s how atoms get torn apart.

Love is what keeps you journeying;
But Love is what made me realise:
As time pulls, it tires and hardens,
Eventually, snaps and dies.

It’s not love’s fault that it merges
What the past was with the present;
It always fails to consider
What was said and what the thought meant.

You fly through atmospheric space,
Touching earth, then soaring to sky;
But one place shall give, it’ll be time
To either dig deep or fly high.

Then won’t be a chance to back out,
Or descend, though your need compels,
You won’t be torn between two worlds:
There’re no two heavens nor two hells.


A Fool’s Hope

Everything is right.
Everything seems fine.
Everything is love.
Everything has time.

The flowers will not die.
The food will not go bad.
The water will not dry.
The smile will not be sad.

This love is here to stay,
That is what lovers say,
There is no need to fear,
It’ll be here everyday.

Loneliness won’t occur,
For promises are made;
No one betrays hope here,
No memory shall fade.

I won’t be left alone,
That can’t ever be true;
You love me very much,
Much more than I do you.

Time can’t rage its battle;
Love cures all that pains;
Life has no mastery,
No one hears it’s complaints.

Losing you isn’t possible,
It’s never been so before;
No one leaves love’s house,
Once you’ve shut the door.

I worry needlessly:
Everyone holds me dear;
You most of all (I think)
Give me no cause to fear.