Oh, I cannot help that night has loved me

More so than any reality day brought;

For night has soothed my dreams and set me free

Of the insanity that life has sought.

The loneliness people gave is day born;

None of the hours of night has whipped my soul;

While day has taught me anguish and scorn,

Night vents sorrow and resurrects me whole. 

Sunlight reflects all the wrong in this life, 

I doubt not it has taught me well to learn;

But starlight held my futile dreams through strife,

And it taught me to soothe: I do not burn. 

I give my love through night, to night I turn;

Through day I may pass, for night I yet yearn. 



I have no recourse, but to hear the break,
As personality comes, soon or late,
No matter the error trust and Love make,
Reality is the stronghold of fate.

Romanticism drowns in cracks of time,
And sanity prevails like a wart;
It is perhaps no fault of yours or mine,
Breaks just happen to the thinking sort.

Age gaps and family and wounds and sense
Creep up like four ganks in an online game;
So then, we weep with a lack of pretence;
Because we suddenly know who to blame.

And all we want from what’s left of this hope
Is a strong support and some length of rope.

Being Made to Believe

I was made to believe in all that’s right;
My elders told me good always prevails,
The day always follows the darkest night,
One succeeds despite all the times one fails;
They said keep faith, have strength, do the right thing;
Rise up each and every time you fall;
Trust in life, no matter what it may bring,
In time, tears do end, love does conquer all.

Now I’ve seen bad things happen to the good,
Seen fools prosper, the fatigue of the wise,
Though I lived just as I was told I should,
I acquired a heartache that never dies.
And yet I find I’ve this lesson to learn:
Those who leave, seldom, if ever, return.